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A Powerful and Rapid Tool in Bioregulatory Medicine

Please Note: Heel Ampoules are Generally Taken Orally

As an Injectable they can only be Administered Parentally by a

Qualified Professional Practitioner







It is the injection of diluted but biologically highly active medicines into specific reactive sites.


The medicines are injected intradermally (into the skin) into appropriate sites, usually determined by acupuncture considerations.




It takes moments only for each treatment, (as opposed to ten to 20 minutes for regular acupuncture


The medicines are injected intradermally (into the skin) into appropriate sites, usually determined by acupuncture considerations.


Once or twice a week in general, to a total of about eight times



Most conditions can be helped by this approach but it is most commonly used to normalise problems in the musculo-skeletal region and organ systems which have failed to respond to orthodox medical care. Low back pain, osteoarthritis, neck pain, are all common conditions treated successfully by Biopuncture. Similarly, certain stubborn infections such as Herpes Simplex can respond well to this.


Via sterilised (autoclaved) single use ampoules, available from Biopathica of Ashford, Kent, using fine Insulin syringes.


Regular acupuncture needles can be dipped into the medicine and inserted as normal.


Anyone who is qualified to use a needle.


The Axonal response with painless redness around the injection site within moments is not in fact an allergy, but a powerful clue that the patient will repond rapidly.


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Eric was born in Sydney and graduated from Sydney University.

He was awarded the FRACGP by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners is a Fellow of the Faculty of Homeopathy, former Independent Practice Representative and its Former Chair of Fellows.


He was an International lecturer for the Faculty of Homeopathy, and is on its Faculty Specialist Register.

In 2000 he migrated UK and in 2001 commenced practice at The Third Space Medicine (TTSM) Piccadilly Circus, (now trading as London Integrated Medicine at the same Soho location) where he is its Medical Director.


He has taught widely on Homeopathy and Differential Diagnosis in Sydney, UK and in mainland Europe.


Traps for young players: when the well selected remedy fails to act.

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Medical: Family Medicine, Integrated Medicine especially Bioregulatory Medicine, homeopathy, respiratory allergy.


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